Booker Nagely

Dr. Siegfried has been the go to source for my family’s health care since he took over the Dunn clinic. As a kid (age of 5 was my first visit to Dr. Dunn) chiropractic care was a go to. If I didn’t feel right, or had a “gimp” my parents took me to Dr. Dunn to get fixed. When Dr. Siegfried first started to adjust me I knew he was going to be my doc for good. I’m 49yrs old and have lived a hard, but fun life. I grew up on the farm, a Dairy and Hay ranch. I played sports from 5yrs old through collage, been in 6 major auto accidents, ride Quads and dirt bikes to this day. I am healthy and able to enjoy my life to the fullest because of chiropractic care.

I’m writing this testimonial to let people know how Nasal Specific has helped me, my family and friends. I have had at least 40 Nasal Specific (NS) adjustments through my life. I believe it helped keep me from getting concussions. Although every time I’ve ever had a bad head ache, I go get a NS and it’s gone. In a bad car accident, I had broke out the back window of my truck with my head. I had savvier headaches. Got a NS and it was instantly gone.

My son is 13. He plays football, basketball and baseball. He had a NS when he was 1yr old. And a few more times through his life when he has hit his head hard. His most recent was 9/9/14.

I have a daughter that is 6, she is autistic. We have run her through a couple of series of NS adjustments. With a few single NS adjustments in between. She is calmer, sleeps better and just seems more comfortable in her own skin.

My father had really bad hay fever. We had to put up 500 tons of hay each year for the dairy. His eyes would swell, his nose would run, and it would really screw him up. He had a series of NS adjustments done. He wasn’t symptom free, but it was a huge improvement. He would just have a little sniffle. He told me he wouldn’t be able to help with the hay if it weren’t for the NS.

A friend I grew up with was in a bad horse accident that left her in a coma for 12 days at the age of 13. She recovered well but when she got tired her left leg would drag and her left cheek wouldn’t “smile” as high as the other. At the age of 22, I convinced her to give NS a try. After a series of adjustments that all went away.

Growing up I didn’t realize that everyone didn’t use chiropractic care to feel better. It was when I got older that I was in sports and someone would be out of adjustment, go to the DR. The DR. would give the anti-inflammatory and pain pills and tell them to rest. They would end up being out for 2 to 4 weeks and never really be right. If I was out of adjustment I would go get adjusted and be back in a day or two.

As you can see from this testimonial. Chiropractic health care has been a big part of my family’s life and Nasal Specific is part of that. I’m not going to say NS is easy to do. My wife and kids hate it, but the benefit far outweighs the discomfort. And by the way there isn’t a more caring, straight forward and committed to your wellbeing, person than Doc Siegfried

Thanks for your time,

Booker Nagely

Pricilla Jaimes, 2013

I have an autistic 11 year old son who went to Dr. Siegfried for nasal specific treatments. I was astonished at the results I saw almost immediately afterwards. My son who is normally jumping and flapping his hands was very calm and had a look on his face like he was just entering our world for the first time. After several more sessions and changes in our diet, Max has started to excel in school and has been asked to join the track team this coming year. He is a lot more social and expresses himself a lot better. I love this treatment and recommend it to anyone.