Dr. Rod Jackson, D.C.

Dr. Siegfried studied with Dr. J.R. Stober, D.C., N.D., one of the pioneers of the Bilateral Nasal Specific, for many years. He has the best technique of anyone I have found and is the only person I trust with my head. I have suffered with chronic sinusitis after a head injury years ago.

Dr. David Schanaker, D.C.

Dr. George Siegfried has been a great influence for me in the field of advanced cranial adjusting. He was my mentor in the early 1980’s, teaching me the Bilateral Nasal Specific technique that was passed down to him during his work with Dr. Richard Stober. I believe Dr. Siegfried is the current source of the essential lineage teaching of the BNS technique of cranial adjusting.

Dorian Quinn D.C., LAC

I find it hard to believe, but when it comes to clinical practice, by definition I am now an old timer. Having practiced since the early 1980’s I have had the privilege of seeing many patients with a broad spectrum of problems and complaints. I have also had the privilege of meeting and working with clinicians who have developed and mastered skill sets that complement the techniques that I have learned. There is a great advantage to referring a patient for specialty treatment. It typically improves their recovery time, and it also tells the patient you truly care about their well-being. One of the most profound and advanced manual medicine procedures is the BNS, Bilateral Nasal Specific. For a patient suffering from an assortment of problems ranging from TMJ, migraines, tension headaches, sinus problems and even ear disorders, BNS can be incredibly effective. One of the pioneers of this technique was Dr. Stober, who was an old timer when I was at W.S.C.C. He demonstrated and taught BNS. Regrettably Dr. Stober passed away several years ago. Fortunately for us, one of his students has continued on the tradition and legacy of Dr. Stober’s work.

Dr. George Siegfried is a master of BNS. His successful treatment of difficult head pain cases greatly compliments all aspects of chiropractic and other forms of body work. If you have a whiplash or concussion case that you feel may benefit from additional clinical expertise, or a patient with head pain that is not responding as you would like; I strongly believe your patient will come back and thank you for it.

Dr. Richard Sprauer, D.C.

Years ago, when my son was a child and had an appointment with Dr. Siegfried for a nasal specific, a friend came to me and told me that he was having one of the horrible headaches that he had been experiencing for years. I talked him into taking my son’s appointment that day and later he told me of his experience. He said that when Dr. Siegfried did the procedure he remembered in that moment an incident when he was a younger man of being “knocked out” as literally a drunken sailor. He felt the bone of his cheek move and the headache was gone immediately. To say he was delighted is an understatement! I have referred many over the years to Dr. Siegfried because, in my opinion, he is the best one I know for this specialized work.

Dr. Will Harden, DC

Having been in practice for 24 years, I, like any experienced Chiropractor, see a vast number of unique and varied cases and conditions. And I have a list of professionals and specialists to whom I refer patients for care outside my scope or expertise. When a patient presents with chronic sinusitis, earaches, vertigo, auditory or ocular problems, head injury, facial or upper airway problems, and this patient does not readily respond to spinal care, I discuss the possibility of intracranial motion or alignment abnormalities. And thus the possibility of the need for a Bilateral Nasal Specific. For this, I consider one and only one practitioner as the single most capable, skilled individual to administer this remarkable procedure. For the last decade I have referred all patients needing a Nasal Specific to Dr. Siegfried, for his experience, effectiveness, knowledge and professionalism. The response that patients give is typically nothing short of astonishment, in both the procedure itself and the results. Thank you, Dr. Siegfried, for being a valuable resource!

Dr. Brian Stearns

In the fall of 2015 my wife and I engaged in the Camino de Santiago, an 800 km hike across Spain. During the 5 ½ week endeavor I got a fairly severe infection on my leg resulting in the need for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory meds and a forced four-day break in the hike. After completing the hike and arriving home I got a head and chest cold. Somehow, it appears that this series of events left me with no sense of smell, an effect that continued for more that two months. Of course this loss was accompanied by the sense of taste, as well.

Having been introduced to BNS adjustments previously, I made and appointment in Feb. of 2016 with Dr. Siegfried. In leaving the office following the adjustment I walked into a small restaurant and immediately noted the ability to smell the cooking meat! I have made sure to get follow-up adjustments every few months since and my sense of smell and taste has returned to near 100%. I can even enjoy the aromas of Oregon’s red wines, again.

Thanks Dr. S !