Last fall, I was told by my ophthalmologist that my optic nerves showed signs of trouble. Although there was currently no problem with my sight, he wanted to check me every six months for any worsening, at which point I would have to be put on medication. He said there was no way to improve the situation.

I went to Dr. Siegfried, who recommended adding Eye Support to my other whole food supplements, which I did. He also brought up the idea of getting some nasal specifics as this could possibly open up things in my head, giving more room to the optic nerves. I had three nasal specifics, one every other week.

I went back to the ophthalmologist for my six month exam yesterday, and he was surprised to find that the situation had improved. He said he only sees this type of thing stay the same or get worse.

Thanks, Dr. Siegfried, for not agreeing with the medical conventional wisdom!