Ramon Mendoza

The staff at Dunn Chiropractic are caring, dedicated and compassionate; after two car accidents back to back and both rear- end and in two different vehicle Dr. Siegfried has helped my back, shoulders, neck, knees, and headaches. Yes headaches!!!!!! Dr Siegfried does this technique called Bilateral Nasal, not ONLY does it help with headaches but migraines, sinusitis and or any head trauma. I totally recommend this procedure.

Nichole Bergstrom

Dr. Siegfried has literally changed my life. I had been suffering from severe, debilitating migraine headaches with horrible symptoms and was missing work and unable to function in my daily life because of them. I had heard about his nasal specific adjustments and was a little hesitant, had never heard of it before. I finally was crippled over in pain and realized I had to do something. I called and spoke with the receptionist who was very pleasant and extremely helpful in answering all my questions. I was able to be seen that very same day and was extremely pleased with the service I received. Dr. Siegfried took the time to explain in great detail what a nasal specific adjustment was and also took the time to get a very detailed history and baseline for what may be aggravating my migraines. He listened to what I had to say, offered feedback and was so professional and caring. He performed a nasal specific adjustment that day and I immediately felt relief. He called me the following day to see how I was doing. I continued to see him every week for an adjustment for nearly 2 months. I had increased energy, my migraines had all but disappeared and my headaches were very few and far between. The relief, energy, and overall feeling of not being in pain 24/7 was emotional and I cried a lot with him and he was always there. I would highly recommend Dr. Siegfried and his staff and I will continue to be a very happy, pain free client of his for a long time to come.

Christine Alexander

Thank you Dr. Siegfried! You have helped me tremendously on my journey to achieve better health. The combination of the nasal specifics treatments and whole food nutrition has been pivotal in reaching emotional and physical balance. You are awesome!

And thank you for taking your time with my appointments and going the extra mile and really caring.

Chris Skagen

I have been a patient of Dr. Siegfried for 15 years. Before seeing him I tried many chiropractors but none have the deep seated skills in application, especially surrounding his use of the Nasal Specific. His brilliant work is evidenced by my relief that is lasting and beneficial. In all respects he is a true professional of the highest caliber.

Chester Sisson

I first met Dr. Siegfried when I brought my 19 year old son to see him. My son had taken a very bad blow to the head in a work related accident and could not shake the searing internal headaches and other associated pain. We had tried other medical treatment and it just wasn’t working for us. When I saw the effectiveness of nasal specific treatments with my son, I was very relieved and amazed. I listened to the explanation of the treatment at length and asked a lot of questions. I had hopes of having my 22 year old daughter receive the treatments as well. As a little girl, she had taken some tough falls where she had hit her head and seemed to have issues related to those accidents. She also had had a very, very difficult birth. When she did decide to receive treatment, the results were once again, very, very significant.

Barbara Sisson

Hannah Sisson, my daughter has this to say about Dr. Siefgried’s nasal specific treatments:

The nasal specific treatments that I have been receiving now for several months have greatly impacted my health and life.

I originally went for chronic migraines and receiving the treatments made them almost completely subside.

Also, over time, my social skills have improved; and I now have clearer thinking; and my attitude has improved as well.

Richard Sprauer

Years ago, when my son was a child and had an appointment with Dr. Siegfried, a friend came to me and told me that he was having one of the horrible headaches that he had been experiencing for years. I talked him into taking my sons appointment that day and later he told me of his experience. He said that when Dr. Siegfried did the procedure he remembered in that moment an incident when he was a younger man of being “knocked out” as literally a drunken sailor. He felt the bone of his cheek move and the headache was gone immediately. To say he was delighted is an understatement! I have referred many over the years to Dr Siegfried because, in my opinion, he is the best one I know for this specialized work. Dr.Richard Sprauer

Bob McCabe Osteopathic Medical Student 2/15/10

Ever since beginning with the Nasal Specific adjustments I have noticed a tremendous difference in my focus with my studies in school, as well as big gains in my lifts. As a competitive power lifter, the goal is to lift the most weight possible in competition. I started with Nasal Specific adjustments on 11-24-09 and on 1-4-10; I competed in my first competition since the beginning of treatment. The results of this meet were a personal best in every single lift. I had not broken a record in my squat since August of 2007, and I feel that the nasal treatments are a big contributor to my success.

Bob McCabe Osteopathic Medical Student 6/21/13

As a competitive power lifter with over 9 years of experience and over 20 powerlifting meets to my name, I am constantly putting my body through an immense amount of physical stress. Powerlifting requires an athlete to be in top condition at all times in order to make progress while avoiding injury. Factors affecting the athlete’s strength include flexibility, power, conditioning, nutrition, and proper motor control, but also include a critical, but often underestimated aspect of strength and conditioning: mental focus and preparedness. Since I began experimenting with BNS’s over 3 years ago, I have been able to train much harder and longer without the central nervous system burnout that a lot of athletes experience in powerlifting. I feel that through BNS treatment, I am able to push myself to higher dimensions that other drug-free power lifters will only be able to experience through this treatment. BNS’s are not only beneficial to individuals with migraines, tension headaches, or sinus problems, but can be beneficial to any athlete that is interested in top performance in his/her respective sport.


Hind sight is said to be 20/20. Now that I look back and put all the pieces together I realize that I had endured chronic sinus problems from a child. I spent my eight-year old birthday in a hospital. I had always been a healthy child but started experiencing severe headaches. My parents and teachers of course thought it must be my eyes. Shortly after that was ruled out the headaches became so severe at one point that my doctor thought I just have spinal meningitis; therefore I was hospitalized. It was discovered that it would turn out to be a severe sinus infection after a spinal tap and tests.

From time to time after that I had the regular seasonal bouts with sinus problems. I decided it would just be something I would have to learn to deal with.

I can remember several times in my 20’s having ongoing problems… migraines, headaches, dizziness, nausea from the sinus drainage & pressure. For about a year it made me feel motion-sick all the time. Physicians – when I would go – would send me home with and anti-biotics which would never lessen the sinus infection only consume my good bacteria and leave me with yeast infection.

Once I had my sinuses drained into a pocket in the roof of my mouth. It felt like a golf ball under my pallet. I assumed it was a dental problem and headed to my dentist. He x-rayed it to find my sinuses are positioned low next to my fumes in places. It gave such pressure that my teeth were hurting. I was given an anti-biotic once again, but at least the pressure left my mouth.

I believe it was in 1987 that I developed a sever sinus infection. I was contending with the pain, the pressure and drainage which kept my throat sore. I tried everything from nasal sprays, vitamins, over the counter sinus medications and just about ANYTHING anyone would suggest. I was practically living on doses of Tylenol. It all started in April of ’87 and then November ’88 when I realized I still had trouble. I mentioned I still had trouble. I mentioned to a friend that I had suffered with a sinus infection for 8 months! She offered to take me to see Dr. Siegfried and assured me that the Nasal Specifics would help. I admit when she explained it to me I was skeptical, but after 24 years of sinus problems I would have done just about ANYTHING for relief!

I went to Dr. Siegfried and really after the first treatment I didn’t feel any different but after all the years of problems I couldn’t expect an immediate cure. It took only 3 treatments to open thing up. I can honestly say that it was 17 years ago and I haven’t had ANY problems since with my sinuses, but if I did – I know exactly what to do now. I have recommended Dr. Siegfried to everyone that mentions sinus problems.

This past fall my 18 year old son was complaining with a sinus infection. I took him in to our physician and of course was given an antibiotic. It seemed to help-short term, but it kept reoccurring every other month. We were busy in trying to get him ready to leave for college in Chicago when his eye swelled shut from still another sinus infection. Since it had been 17 years since I had gone to Dr. Siegfried all I could remember is that he was in McMinnville, OR. I searched for him on the internet because I knew he could help with my son’s problems before I sent him 2500 miles away! Alex was a bit apprehensive when I explained the treatment, but at this point after having sinus discomfort for a year, he would try anything. He was able to see Dr. Siegfried for 2 treatments before leaving for college. He is doing great.

Next, my grandson miles, age 2, was suffering with severe sinus and ear problems. He too, had been given so many antibiotics only for his pediatrician to throw up his hands. I explained to my daughter how the little guy suffered enough and that I wanted him to get Nasal Specifics. The doctors had already explained that Miles wasn’t talking because the pressure was so great on his ears that he couldn’t hear. They told us we had to find something because of the “window” of time to his speech. I called for an appointment when Dr. Siegfried would be in Portland. Miles has had 3 treatments this far and the results are over whelming! Not only is he talking and parroting sounds but his whole personality has changed. He is a happier child. There is a lot to say for not having constant pressure and pain. He always says “Let’s go and let the Dr.  Fix your nose?” Dr. Siegfried had made a definite impact on me and my family. He is very kind and personable. I highly recommend Nasal Specifics to everyone that is tired of pain and wants to enjoy days of feeling great! Because of all the success in this area I have flown my mother to Oregon from Alabama to see Dr. Siegfried. She is suffering from neurological problems that are the results of a fall. There you have it – a full circle – from me to my son – my grandson and back to my own mother.  Thank you Dr. Siegfried for making such a difference in all our lives. Here’s to a happy, healthy future!

Rocio M., December 21, 2013

Ever since I was two years old I have been dealing with bad headaches, as years past by they would get worse and worse each time. When I turned fifteen I realized how horrible they would get, during most of the day and couldn’t focus in school. The feeling was more of a stabbing that would come and go very quickly, it wasn’t every pleasant. When Dr. Siegfried talked to me about the nasal specific and on how it has helped many people. I was curious and told him I would give it a try, the first thing he asked me was if I have ever gotten hit on my head. It wasn’t till then I realized that at two years old a big dog had jumped over me and dragged me to the side of the stairs in which there were a lot of rocks. The dog dragged me and as soon as I hit the rocks I couldn’t stop bleeding. Since I was little it was a huge fall for me and caused my headaches after that. After receiving my first nasal specific, my headaches were reduced by a lot! I was so happy to know I wouldn’t have to deal with these horrible headaches anymore. I felt very excited after the first time and decided to go two more times, I couldn’t be happier with this experience that changed my life. Thanks to Dr. Siegfried and his treatment I won’t have any more hurtful headaches and proceed to graduate from college. Thank you Dr. Siegfried for helping me get better.

Cynthia C.

As much as I can remember I always struggled with really bad headaches. I never understood why? The pain was so strong I was not myself. At times I felt like I was walking with a big watermelon on my shoulders. I was not able to be around much noise, light and even people. I felt without energy and sad most of the times. So I consulted with my medical doctor who never got me tested and didn’t have much to say other than he thought I was suffering from depression and gave me some pills to take. So I did, I got on some depression medication that he had put me on but my headaches continued to bother me every day so I stopped the medication and decided to ignore the pain and took Advil for when it got really bad. So then I met Dr. Siegfried who changed my life for better. He introduced me to Nasal Specifics. Dr. Siegfried was the first doctor who had ever asked about any past head injuries which I had never even thought about. I told him that I remember falling off my dad’s truck while he was driving on a gravel road at about 25 MPH (years ago). I remember falling head first hitting the tire and then gravel cutting my forehead open and losing consciousness. So after reviewing my symptoms and telling him my story Dr. Siegfried suggested a head adjustment was the best thing to do. So he explained to me what a head adjustment was and performed the procedure. The first treatment was so intense it brought so many emotions out I felt instant relief. I never imagined a head injury from years ago was the cause of years of pain and suffering. So I continued with treatment and began to notice my headaches were gone. I felt in a better mood and I also felt happier. I was able to be me again.

Thank you Dr. Siegfried