Grace Dickey, 2013

Sam, a 13 year old boy, who at age five was hit in the head with a baseball bat and over time, lost his hearing: “I couldn’t engage in a conversation. Like in class I couldn’t hear my teacher and so we tried tubes in my ears.  We tried everything until we decided to come to Dr. Siegfried and so when we did it helped right away. The treatments are a little uncomfortable but I am definitely getting my hearing back so it’s a blessing.”

I agree with and approve this message. Dr. Siegfried has helped bring us peace by helping our son regain his hearing. It is so hard when you want to help your child but you know you can’t. We felt helpless. We thought he would never be able to hear well. Dr. Siegfried is a kind, understanding, excellent Doctor who is helping our son.

James Nicholes, 2008

My name is James Nicholes. Dr. Siegfried gave me my hearing back. My parents took me to him after I had 2 sets of tubes in my ears that failed. I couldn’t hear the teacher at school and they always thought I was not paying attention. But I couldn’t hear. I had treatments off and on for 2 years and finally got my hearing back and have not needed treatment for over 12 years. The treatments also kept me from needing braces and saved my parents a lot of money there too.