Gilberto Mendoza

Dr. Siegfried and staff is great and professional. Ive been able to avoid sinus surgery because of them and i cant thank them enough for that. Nasal specific is top notch!! Thank you Dunn Chiropractic!

Mayra Ramirez

Dr. Siegfried continues to work miracles on Left Leg as well with my Allergies! Always professional and super knowledgeable! For more than four years I suffered of Allergies I would have to follow up with ineffective treatments with other doctors….I found Dr. Siegfried who helped me out with my allergies by doing The Nasal Specific Treatment. Today I don’t have to take any medication for my Allergies. I look forward to being a long term patient.

Naomi M

I have been to Dr. Siegfried for his nasal specific treatments. I had high hopes for what kinds of results I would get from doing it, and have noticed positive changes in everything from posture, mood, concentration, eyesight, to speaking and singing. After my first round I was, for the first time I can remember, able to breathe fully and comfortably through my nose. I am so grateful to have found out about nasal specific and feel very lucky to have such a wonderful doctor as Dr. Siegfried. You can tell at once that he is just a really good human being. The thought of nasal specific had me nervous at first, but Dr. Siegfried makes the whole process easy as pie. He is very understanding and will go at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Can’t recommend enough 🙂

Autumn Cox

Since I was a child I remember going with mom to get an adjustment from DR. Sigfried and cringing whenever she would get a nasal. But as I got older I tried it myself and boy, did I feel the difference. I could smell again and the pressure in my head was a lot less!! Whenever I get an adjust on my neck and back, I immediately notice I’m standing and sitting more upright. No slouching here!! I’ve tried a couple other chiropractors, what a waste of money that was. Nobody can top Dr. Sigfried! It’s well worth the money and the drive to get “straightened out”. Not to mention his wife Rebecca, does the most wonderful, relaxing, mind cleansing massages……I highly recommend these too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you both again for help, work and time!!!!!!!

Wes Lapp, Hood River, Oregon 2013

I knew Bilateral Nasal Specifics (BNS) works because it cured my Mom’s migraine headaches. Now I know it does much more than that. Over two years ago I had just three BNS nose treatments with Dr. Siegfried and since then, I have almost no post nasal drip, the only reason I know its allergy season is my friends start complaining, and I can always breathe thru my nose, always. Before I would breathe thru my mouth at night with my nose stuffed up from a cold or the flu and that simply does not happen anymore, it’s amazing and wonderful and has no drawbacks or negative side effects that I know of. It’s helped my competitive free diving too though that is another story.


My nose was broken twice in the same place resulting in difficulty breathing through the right nostril. A year later I saw Dr. Siegfried for two sets of three Nasal Specific Treatments. The results have been very life impacting and clear breathing, a good night’s sleep. I am sure many other positive effects as a result of my brain receiving its full supply of oxygen.

Loretta Kiefer, 2013

It has been a year and a half since I have had sinusitis. When I first came to you I had so much sinus pressure I thought my head was going to explode. I could not blow my nose my sinuses were so compacted. I was so miserable. When I found out about you I called immediately for an appointment and you got me in as soon as possible. It was the holidays and I just wanted to feel good. With the very first treatment the sinus pressure started to go away. By the 3rd treatment I felt so much better. I did a total of 6 treatments because my skull was so compacted. But after those first 6 treatments I felt I was permanently healed and I have not had sinusitis since. Where before it seemed like I was sick all of the time. Thank you very much. I won’t forget you and I refer everyone I meet with sinus problems to you.

Earl Renfrow, 2013

Claire had this process done when she was six weeks old. She has Down Syndrome. There were complications at birth. Claire had gotten down to 4 pounds 14 ounces, had black hands and black feet. Dr. Stober fixed her in literally 10 minutes by doing nasal specifics. It stimulated the pituitary that sent a hormone down that closed the hole in her heart. The bilateral nasal specific is a great process that I recommend for a lot of children.

Chuck Dunn, 2013

I went to see Dr. Siegfried after hearing of his success with sinus blockage problems. He asked me about trauma I have had to my head in the past. I played rough sports in school, football etc. and had lots of bumps to the head and body. During my Marine Corps career, I was banged on my head with a Rifle butt for putting the gun back together faster than instructed to do so. I have suffered painful sinus infections through the years, could not breath very well through the years. My son kept telling me I should see Dr. Siegfried, so I did and I cannot tell you how wonderful this treatment has been for me. After three treatments I could breathe through my nose. My sense of smell returned. I really feel like a new person. My sinuses took a while to unload the entire blockage, and now it is normal, I can blow my nose, and everything is loose.

Scott Ballard, 2012

I was someone who suffered from chronic sinusitis for years as an adult with severe headaches and constant congestion that would last for days with no relief. I went to my doctor and he would write me an Rx for antibiotics and I would have temporary relief. The antibiotics were less and less effective so I used over the counter drugs with limited success. Then I went to taking all the vitamins and natural supplements to try and prevent further sinus infections. This worked for a while, and then I started to have them again. So I went to a naturopath and got tested for allergies and stopped eating those things I was allergic to and was much better for some time. Then the sinusitis started occurring again – not as intense and less frequently, but still happening.

Then as I was driving down the street, I saw Dr. Siegfried’s sign saying, “Are you suffering from sinusitis? We have nonsurgical treatment.”  I picked up one of the brochures and read about the treatment and called to set an appointment. The first treatment was a very strange feeling of my head being all puffed up. I experienced a large amount of discharge from my nose and mouth over the next three days. The second treatment the next week was much the same feeling with some nose bleeding and discharge of greenish black junk out my nose and mouth. The third treatment was more of the same and no sinusitis headaches or sore throat drainage.

I would highly recommend this treatment and Dr. Siegfried if you are suffering from sinus infections or sinusitis.

Laurie W.

When I was 38, four years ago, I was recommended by another Naturopathic Doctor to see Dr. Siegfried for my sinus problems, which would not improve. By this time, I was depressed by my lack of energy and chronic ill health. After seeing five Naturopaths, I didn’t think anything could help me feel better.

Doctor Siegfried treated me for my sinus problem, fatigue and infertility issues. I began nasal specific treatment which really helped with my overall health and energy. Whole food supplements really increased my overall strength and endurance. For infertility, I took wheat germ oil and within a few months I noticed a continual upward swing in my health.

I had said many times over the previous four hears with other treatments that I was feeling better. But this time was different, because now I wasn’t so emotional anymore, I started to exercise and do many projects and activities with my adopted son.

After 3 ½ years, I became pregnant which was a miracle. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl who is doing great. I know that God used Dr. Siegfried’s knowledge to help me. Plus I had a beautiful boy 2 years later!!

Dr. Siegfried’s treatment has helped me to be a better Mom, to help my children be healthy and help me with mood swings and depression.  Whole food supplements have also helped provide me with the best health I’ve had my entire adult life, and I also give my children whole food supplements and nasal specific treatments.

These treatments have made such a huge difference in my life I have told many people – even strangers in stores – about how I’ve been helped by Dr. Siegfried’s various treatments.

If you are wondering if Dr. Siegfried can help you, you can be sure that in the areas where he is an expert, Dr. Siegfried is excellent and you can soon have a better quality of life like I now have.


Before the balloon in the nose treatments I was constantly using first “Flonase” then “Allegra” and then “eye drops” on top of “Sinex” and snored so loud my wife would go to the couch so she could sleep. I have since stopped needing any allergy medications and my wife now only sleeps on the couch when she is mad… just kidding. Thanks a million.